Taking Action for Hawaii’s Children by developing a comprehensive and integrated early childhood system

Within our State, a patchwork system of public and private programs and services, administered by multiple agencies is in place, yet agencies often work in silos. To improve the coordination of efforts to better support our young children, the Executive Office on Early Learning (EOEL) was established with the authority and responsibility to make fiscal, policy and program decisions regarding early childhood in Hawaii.

In 2012, EOEL, in partnership with over 80 private and public partners, identified six critical focus areas as building blocks for the establishment of a comprehensive and integrated early childhood system.  This initiative led to the creation of an early childhood Action Strategy, “Taking Action for Hawaii’s Children.”  The Action Strategy focuses on children, prenatal to age 8, across the domains of health, safety, care and education.

EOEL’s Action Strategy is operationalized and measured based on how well we are supporting a child’s development.  If a child enters the world healthy and welcomed and is supported by a nurturing and safe family, the child has a much greater chance at achieving on-track health and development.  When families need supports for their children, we want to ensure equitable access to programs and services and opportunities for high-quality early learning programs.   If we can accomplish these goals, the child will be ready to thrive when he or she enters kindergarten.

To see our Action Strategy Project Teams as of January 2014, go to the Focus Areas and Objectives tab under Action Strategy. If you or your organization is interested in getting involved in these projects, email Kerrie.urosevich@hawaii.gov or call our office at 808-586-7532 .