Early Learning Advisory Board Meeting – April 13, 2017

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Early Learning Advisory Board Meeting

Thursday, April 13, 2017



1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Main Site: CEED Center, KCAA

2707 South King Street, Honolulu, HI. 96826

The public may attend the meeting in any of the locations specified below:

Meeting Chair will preside at the CEED Center, KCAA location.


I.        Welcome/Introductions – Wai`ale`ale Sarsona

II.       Review and Approve 03/15/17 Minutes – Wai`ale`ale Sarsona

             Action:  Approve 03/15/17 Minutes 

III.     Leadership Update — Wai`ale`ale Sarsona

             Outcome:  Information/Legislative Bill Status — Kate Stanley 

IV.     EOEL Update — Lauren Moriguchi

             Outcomes:  Information/Input as Requested

V.      Subcommittee Work Group Updates:

           Outcomes:  Information/ Discussion/Action

ELAB Organization — Mike Fahey

Information:  Membership Status Update

                                                                 Any Additional Legislative Information

Governance — Wai`ale`ale Sarsona

ELAB Restructure Bill (SB 687 SD 1, HB 498 HB 1)

                                     Discussion:  Planning Ahead

Sustainability Update — Keiko Nitta

VI.     Action Strategy Update — Karen Worthington

    Outcome:  Information

VII.    Member Updates – Wai`ale`ale Sarsona

     OutcomeShare news and updates from partner organizations

VIII.  Public Comment – Wai`ale`ale Sarsona

IX.      Review Agenda Outcomes Announcements/Closing   


Next Early Learning Advisory Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 11, 2017, 1:30-4:00 pm; location TBD.


Persons requiring special assistance or services, such as a language interpreter, should call 586-3811 at least three (3) business days before the meeting.