EOEL Background

The Executive Office on Early Learning (EOEL) was established by Act 178 (passed as Senate Bill 2545) and signed into law by Gov. Neil Abercrombie in June 2012. The creation of EOEL provides government-wide authority to guide the development of a comprehensive and integrated statewide early childhood development and learning system.

The mission of EOEL is to coordinate efforts to help ensure a solid foundation for Hawaii’s young children, prenatal to age five, by working with partners, families, and communities, and connecting policies, programs, and funding in relation to health, safety, early childhood education, and school readiness and success.

Guiding the work of EOEL is the Hawaii Early Childhood Action Strategy—Taking Action for Hawaii’s Children—inspired by a national research-based effort, The Pathways Initiative. Our strategy is tailored for Hawaii in collaboration with over 80 private and public partners. Six critical focus areas have been identified as building blocks for the establishment of a comprehensive early childhood development and learning system: Healthy and Welcomed Births, Nurturing and Safe Families, On-track Health and Development, Equitable Access to Programs and Services, High-quality Early Learning Programs, and Alignment to K-3 for Student Success. Our strategy is operationalized and measured based on how well we are supporting a child’s development. If a child enters the world healthy and welcomed and is supported by a nurturing and safe family, the child has a much greater chance at achieving on-track health and development. When families need supports for their children, we want to ensure equitable access to programs and services and opportunities for high-quality early learning programs. If we can accomplish these goals, the child will be ready to thrive when he or she enters kindergarten.

EOEL is advised by the Early Learning Board (ELB) which is composed of members representing the following public and private entities:

·         Center-based program providers

·         Family Child Care program providers

·         Family-child Interaction Learning program providers

·         Hawaii Association of Independent Schools

·         Hawaii Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

·         Hawaii Council of Mayors

·         Hawaii Department of Education

·         Hawaii Department of Health

·         Hawaii Department of Human Services

·         Hawaii Early Intervention Coordinating Council

·         Hawaiian medium early learning providers

·         Head Start

·         Home-visiting program providers

·         Kamehameha School

·         Parent

·         Philanthropic organizations that support early learning

·         University of Hawaii