EOEL Public Pre-Kindergarten Program

The EOEL Public Pre-Kindergarten Program Flyer, Application Packet (Application is fillable), and Sample of Required Documents and DHS Form are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF), which require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing.

Executive Office on Early Learning (EOEL)
Public Pre-Kindergarten Program accepting applications for school year 2018-2019

Beginning MARCH 1, 2018


EOEL Public Pre-Kindergarten Program Flyer School Year 2018-2019

Download Flyer



EOEL Public Pre-Kindergarten Program Application Packet and Application School Year 2018-2019

Download Application Packet and Application
*Application is Fillable*



EOEL Public Pre-Kindergarten Program Sample of Required Documents and DHS Form School Year 2018-2019

Download Sample of Required Documents and DHS Form


Visit your nearest school with an EOEL Public Pre-Kindergarten Program to request an application. A listing of schools is found on the flyer and in the application packet. Complete and submit your application along with all required documents to the school where you are applying. You will be notified by mail of your application status. To qualify, families must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for 2018-2019 school year

  1. Children must be age four on or before July 31 of the current school year.
  • For school year 2018-2019, children born on or between August 1, 2013 – July 31, 2014 are eligible.
  1. See application packet for priority categories that your child may be eligible for which may include the income levels below:


Family Size Maximum Monthly
Gross Income*
Maximum Yearly
Gross Income*
2 4,733 56,790
3 5,975 71,700
4 7,218 86,610
5 8,460 101,520
6 9,703 116,430
7 10,945 131,340
8 12,188 146,250
9 13,430 161,160
10 14,673 176,070

*300% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for Hawaii

Enrollment for 2018-2019 school year

Each pre-kindergarten class is limited to 20 students. Once eligibility requirements are met, enrollment is based on the order in which schools receive completed applications and all required documents. Until April 30, 2018, priority is given to students who live in the geographic area of the school. Once spaces are filled, remaining eligible applicants will be placed on a waitlist.