• Going to College Before College
    (August 2018)
  • Why Early Education Must Be Done Right
    (August 2018)
  • Promote benefits of pre-K program (Star Advertiser)
    (August 2018)
  • State offers free preschool at more elementary campuses
    (Star Advertiser)

    (August 2018)
  • Governor signs House Bill (HB 2507) regarding preschools into law
    (July 2018)
  • Hawaii Business Magazine
    (July 2018)
  • More preschool classrooms opening
    (June 2018)
  • Hawaii’s first public preschool program accepts applications, opens new classrooms
    (May 2018)


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    The past decade has seen a substantial increase in public investment in early learning programs by federal, state, and local governments, particularly for economically disadvantaged children. Find out more

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    • Early Childhood Education Degree Programs: Learn more
    • Early Childhood Education College Tuition Stipends Available from US Preschool Development Grant: More Information

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    The Hawai'i P-3 Initiative

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