Early Learning Board


Early Learning Board Mission:

To support children’s academic and lifelong well-being by directing and supporting the EOEL for an effective, coordinated, high quality early learning system from prenatal to kindergarten entry.

The Early Learning Board (ELB), formerly the Early Learning Advisory Board, was established as a governing board through Act 202, Regular Session of 2017. ELB is tasked with formulating statewide policy relating to early learning, and is responsible for:

  • Directing the Executive Office on Early Learning (EOEL) on how best to meet the developmental and educational needs of children, from prenatal care to entry into kindergarten;
  • Providing recommendations to EOEL on improving the quality, availability, and coordination of early learning programs;
  • Promoting collaboration across agencies and stakeholders serving young children; and
  • Appointing the EOEL director and evaluating the director on an annual basis.

ELB members are appointed by the Governor and are composed of members representing the following public and private entities.

  • Center-Based program providers
  • Family Child Care program providers
  • Family-Child Interaction Learning program providers
  • Hawaiian medium early learning providers
  • Home-Visiting program providers
  • Parents
  • Philanthropic organizations that support early learning

ELB Members (Click Here)