HELDS Focus Groups



Storyline Consulting conducted a series of ten focus groups across the islands between July 18 and August 21, 2012.

The intent was to gather community feedback about the HELDS draft. Participants attended 90-minute focus groups and shared their impressions about the benefits of the new standards, feedback on the content, and ideas for implementation.

Good Beginnings Alliance coordinators, Hawaii Association for the Education of Young Children, and P-3 demo site coordinators conducted outreach and invited the participation of early childhood professionals and community partners. Attendees received the focus group agenda and list of locations ahead of time, and electronic copies of the draft HELDS were distributed via email and the P-3 website.

In total, close to 100 people attended and shared their feedback. Click here to view the HELDS Focus Group Summary

Following the release of the Storyline Consulting report, specific changes were made to the HELDS. Click here to view the changes made to the HELDS