Social and Emotional Development – Kindergarten Entry

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Strand Topic Code HELDS Standard
Social Development Interactions with Adults SE.KE.a Sometimes use appropriate social conventions in greetings, in introductions, and in conversations
Social Development Interactions with Peers SE/LA.KE.b Observe and use appropriate ways of interacting in a group of 2 to 3 children (e.g. taking turns in talking, listening to peers, waiting until someone is finished, asking questions and waiting for an answer, gaining the floor in appropriate ways)
Social Development Interactions with Peers SE.KE.c Use turn-taking in conversations and in play
Social Development Interactions with Peers SE.KE.d Shares materials, toys, and ideas during play
Social Development Interactions with Peers SE.KE.e Show respect and recognize the feelings of others and the causes of their reactions
Social Development Adaptive Social Behavior SE.KE.f Follow schedule and typical classroom routines (come when called, sit attentively at circle, participate in clean-up)
Emotional Development Self-efficacy SE.KE.g Show satisfaction in accomplishments
Emotional Development Self-efficacy SE.KE.h Follow routines for care of own belongings and school supplies
Emotional Development Self-control and Regulation SE.KE.i Regulate emotions and begin to show self-control in handling frustration and disappointment
Emotional Development Emotional Expression SE.KE.j Express emotions through socially appropriate actions and words
Emotiional Development Emotional Expression SE.KE.k Communicate personal experiences or interests
Emotional Development Emotional Expression SE.KE.l Recognize and describe own feelings


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